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Aside from our First Aid Guides, Safety Manuals, and Safety Videos we publish for sale, Express has contributed substantial free content to the safety community. In the menu bar on the left are a few free safety publications, images, and videos to give you a feel for how Express endeavors to make safety a part of everyone’s lives… and hopefully not too tedious (even we don’t like reading detailed white papers and dry instructions, we like to keep it a wee bit entertaining.)

Safety Articles:


The Do's & Don'ts of First Aid Compliance

WHAT exactly is "OSHA First Aid," and what do you need to do to comply with regulations for your industry?Read More...

15 Essentials for Good First Aid Response

This article presents 15 recommendations for a well-balanced first aid kit, and how to stock these items easily and cost-efficiently. In these economic times, everyone is looking at costs in all areas. And wow, are there ever differences in first aid buying options.Read More...

Pandemic Protection - What to do in the Workplace

This article presents information about pandemic diseases (and more specifically H1N1) spreading throughout your place of business. Here are 15 simple points gathered from the nation’s leading sources on pandemic preparedness: Read More...

CPR Trainers Must Address Uncomfortable Racial Issues In Order To Save Lives

If you have a heart attack in the street, you have a 9.5% chance of surviving. But according to a recent study from the American Heart Association, it depends where you are: survival rates range from 16% in Seattle to 0.2% in Detroit.Read More...

Press Releases:

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Uncle Sam is Picking up the Tab this Holiday!
“While year-round has an even balance of Business to Business ..., this too, has opened up a new source of gift giving ...” Read More

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Some of you liked the older Flash animations and whirligigs… While these are not compatible with some newer mobile technologies, we posted them here for y’all to view if you wish.

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